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Heat and drought tolerant. Bandana and Bandito Series.

  • Manufacturer: Premier Horticulture Inc

PRO-MIX BX MYCORRHIZAE™ is a general purpose peat based professional growing media designed for a wide range of greenhouse and transplanting applications that contains a mycorrhizal inoculum (Glomus intraradices). These microscopic fungi attach to and colonize the root systems working in symbiosis with plants. It benefits the plant by increasing water and nutrients acquisition (especially Phosphorus, Copper and Zinc). This symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant, results in an overall improved plant growth PRO-MIX BX MYCORRHIZAE™ is suitable for a wide variety of horticultural plants.

Pothos is arguably the easiest houseplant to grow. It’s a long-growing, leafy vine that can reach 40 feet in tropical jungles, but usually confines itself to about 6-10 feet in containers.

Thriving in lower lighted areas make this plant work almost anywhere. Try to keep it within 5 to 8 feet of a window for best results.

If you are looking for a festive and sunny alternative to the typical holiday decorations bromeliads are perfect.

The Geranium Tango Dark Red, 'Pelargonium x hortorum', has attractive dark red flowers with excellent landscape performance. Geraniums are a favorite bedding and container plant and are grown in almost every region of the country. These plants have succulent leaves and stems and they are commonly called garden geraniums or zonal geraniums.

Sonic® New Guinea Impatiens have extra-large flowers and a compact to medium growth habit. They are versatile plants that can be used from 4-inch pots all the way up to hanging baskets. Sonics have award-winning performance in the landscape and do well both in landscape beds and containers.

Lanai™ Verbena is the best trailing verbena on the market. It always does well in outside university trials and has excellent resistance to powdery mildew. Lanai™ flowers early and is free flowering from tip to crown. Lanai™ Deep Purple's dark colored flowers makes it both unique and very striking.

Large white flowers are perpetually present on the plants.  Perfect compliment to combination plantings.

'Nonstop Deep Red' Begonia features dainty ruby-red frilly flowers at the ends of the stems from mid spring to mid fall. It's succulent heart-shaped leaves remain green in color throughout the season.

Bright red flowers, dark glossy foliage, and huge 6"+ blooms. Recommended for 6" or larger pots. Not hardy outdoors when temperatures drop below 35°F.

Easy to grow! Versatile! Loves hot and cool! Use in baskets, planters and beds.

  • Manufacturer: Botanical Interests
  • Model Number: 7802

Broccoli sprouts have made news in recent years because of their many health benefits. They contain higher levels of the cancer-fighting phytochemical sulforaphane glucosinolate than in heads of broccoli, and contribute vitamins A, C and E, calcium and fiber to the diet. Extremely versatile in the kitchen, tangy broccoli sprouts will perk up almost any dish, fresh or cooked.

  • Model Number: 107Cl30084

Dense, 2-3" spherical clusters of vivid purple flowers atop straight, leafless stems. Cut flowers last as long as three weeks and make excellent dried flowers. Lightly fragrant.

Leaf Scoops are poly discs which are worn on your hands like mittens. Tine ends allow you to totally pick up pile residue, solid panels prevent small objects (i.e. acorns) from being missed.  A big favorite in Pine tree area - no needles stuck in your hands or gloves, as well as handling the messy job of picking up wet leaves in rainy climates. Like having 10 hands on each arm.

  • Manufacturer: Scotts Miracle-Gro Garden Products
  • Model Number: 77774300

4 qt. Spanish moss, decorative soil cover, to beautify any orchid or indoor plant, helps retain moisture, can be used to line outdoor hanging baskets. 

  • Manufacturer: Ball Seed

Striking bold purple flower spikes add to your Autumn Display. 3 gallon pot.

  • Manufacturer: Ball Seed

Excellent Fall Color! 2 gallon pot.

Cool Weather Crops are at Bob's Garden Center! We have lettuce, mesculin mix, broccoli, celery, and kale.

Pansies are at Bob's Garden Center! Stock up and add some blooming spring color to your garden today.

Pansies are at Bob's Garden Center! Stock up and add some blooming spring color to your garden today.

Looking to plant more than one Pansy? Purchase some of our Pansy Flats! Available now.

We have 2 gallon pots of Fruit Bushes. Blueberries, Raspberries and Grapes.