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Available in a variety of colors. We carry Monrovia & Buds and Blooms.

Dwarf, naturally compact, multi-colored Medusa Ornamental Pepper grows well indoors as a potted plant and as a bedding plant from spring through Christmas.

These are the best mid-season Tulips for large flowers, strong stems, and clear bright colors. Good for large scale plantings, and masses of strong color.

Sensational spring blends, flower bulbs that are complementary in height, and bloom at the same time.

A beautiful holiday plant,(botanically known as Schlumbergera or Zygocactus) blooms at Christmas and also sometimes around Easter time if cared for properly. A month prior to Christmas you will be able to watch the tips of the leaves beginning to grow. The tips grow darker as each day passes, until a bud forms. At Christmas time, as if by magic, the buds open to a beautiful flower that will add color and warmth to any holiday season.

Treasured worldwide for their elegant, upswept petals and jewel green leaves, cyclamen are beautiful perennial plants that thrive indoors and out.

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) remain one of the most popular holiday flowers. Hybridizers have expanded the range of colors from the familiar red to pastel yellow and vibrant bi-colors.

These Azaleas are second to none, and were voted “Azalea of the Year” in 2004 by the American Rhododendron Society. Their long-lasting blooms add color to your landscape in the spring, summer, and even fall.

‘Red Sensation’ grow 2-3’ tall and 3-4’ wide, and require full sun or partial shade. Hydrangea macrophylla appreciate a moist, rich and fertile soil. Vigorous shrub produces lots of blooms on new growth, making it a great candidate for colder zone 5 and 6 gardens.

A superior selection with a compact habit, sturdy stems and a high tolerance of powdery mildew that is exceptionally floriferous. Ideal for borders along driveways and paths, en masse in garden beds and in patio containers. A fine cut flower.

An evergreen, perennial shrub with gray green foliage and abundant, fragrant, purple flower spikes that attract butterflies. Useful as hedge or edging in herb garden. Flowers may be crushed and used in sachets. 1 gal. size pot.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

The Let's Dance Hydrangea series represents the next generation of reblooming hydrangeas. Don't settle for dull drab Hydrangea flowers - this series kicks up the quality with vivid flower coloration and attractive, glossy foliage.

Ideal to integrate into shrub or mixed borders for solid, long-season color without additional care. Makes a fine addition to south and west facing foundation beds. Use in the back of perennial borders to intensify season long color.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

This is the reigning queen of the tropical vines, with its lacy runners and huge pink flowers. Train to a grid trellis on to walls and over windows and doors.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

Stunning display of abundant, long-blooming flowers over dark green basal leaves. Brilliant yellow flowers with black centers are excellent cut or outstanding in the garden or wildflower planting with daylilies, asters and grasses.

Dinnerplate Perennial- Luna Red Hibiscus have large saucer-shaped flowers that appear in mid summer and will continue until frost. 

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

Desirable compact variety with a very full and bushy habit is a prolific producer of huge blooms over a long season. Pink flowers have dark cranberry-red centers. A spectacular specimen plant. Also well suited for containers and for planting at water's edge.

 Stays under three feet tall without any pruning, and blooms continuously from mid-summer to mid-fall. It is sterile and will not set seedlings. Great for borders and perennial beds. Evergreen in mild climates; perfect for season-long annual color in colder winter areas.

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery
  • Model Number: 5640

Lagerstroemia indica 'Watermelon Red'. Displays large, long lasting clusters of vivid rosy-red crepe-like flowers. Handsome foliage has bronzy cast in spring, bright green in summer, golden fall color. Deciduous.