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  • Manufacturer: Audubon Wild Bird Solutions

Decorative feeder that feed the birds, not the ants. Brightly colored lid attracts all breeds of hummingbirds. Features 6 feeding stations for lots of hummingbirds. Easily filled and dishwasher safe.

Flaming Squirrel Seed SauceTM is a nutritional birdseed supplement that contains all natural, 100% food grade ingredients with a super hot and spicy flavor. Birds love the taste of this liquid chili pepper formula exploding with tons of Cajun spice. When mixed with your favorite birdseed, it’s guaranteed to increase bird visits at your feeder.

  • Manufacturer: TrueValue
  • SKU: 501272

Stock up on bird food for your feathered friends at Bob's Garden Center! This 20lb. bag of True Value Wild Bird Food is a great general purpose mix!

  • Manufacturer: C & S Wild Bird Products
  • SKU: 698365
  • Model Number: 701

This small black plastic coated wire suet feeder/basket with chain hanger has a special design which makes filling the basket a snap. Our suet baskets are a necessary key to your successful wild bird feeding. Holds 1 Suet Cake.

  • Manufacturer: D & D Commodities, Inc.
  • Model Number: 159079

Wild Delight's Cardinal Food is a premium wild bird food blended to attract and feed the most desirable outdoor pets. 7lb & 15lb bags available at Bob's Garden Center.

  • Manufacturer: D & D Commodities, Inc.
  • Model Number: 374050

Wild Delight's Deck, Porch N' Patio Bird Seed is an elite, zero-waste wild bird food blended to attract the most desired outdoor pets and give you the cleanest feeding experience available for your outdoor living areas.

  • Manufacturer: Evergreen Enterprises

Welcome feathered friends to your garden with our set of four hanging mosaic glass oval shaped humming bird feeders.

  • Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation

Perky-Pet®'s  horizontal-hanging 2 Foot Hummerbar® Hummingbird Feeding Tube offers a revolutionary way to feed more hummingbirds at one time. 

  • Manufacturer: More Birds | Classic Brands

The Abundance feeder's huge 6 lb. capacity is sure to keep hungry birds happy. The large, wide mouth tube is easy to fill, plus the unique hinged sides allow the feeder to readily open for easy cleaning. 

  • Manufacturer: Audubon Wild Bird Solutions
  • Model Number: 11977

Audubon park songbird selections finch & small songbird blend bird food.

  • UPC: 119398
  • Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions
  • Model Number: 239

64 OZ, RTU Nectar, 100% Sucrose, Ready To Use, Bottle.

  • UPC: 127860
  • Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions
  • Model Number: 217

8 OZ, Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder, Features An Easy To Clean Wide Mouth Design, Easily Attaches To Window, Wall, Or Post, A Clear Acrylic Feeder Bottle With Quick Release Clips For Convenient Filling & 2 Feeding Stations With Perches, No Drip Feeding Base.

  • UPC: 142806
  • Model Number: 36

20 OZ, Garnet Hummingbird Bird Feeder, Wide Mouth Design For Easy Fill & Easy Clean, Base Disassembles For Cleaning To Reduce Or Eliminate Spillage, Built In Ant Motes On Tops, Glass Bottle & Basin Design, 7 Integrated Perches.

  • UPC: 154485
  • Model Number: B200020

20 lb, black oil sunflower bird food.

  • UPC: 154947
  • Model Number: 38

13 OZ Capacity, Elixir Hummingbird Bird Feeder, Decorative Red Glass Bottle With Brushed Copper Finish On Top & Basin With 5 Ports.

  • UPC: 172536
  • Manufacturer: Audubon Wild Bird Solutions
  • Model Number: NA32321
Audubon, hopper style bird feeder with butterfly accents, metal construction, easy to clean & fill, seed feeder, fold down perches for better access by large birds.

  • UPC: 172544
  • Manufacturer: Audubon Wild Bird Solutions
  • Model Number: NA35233

Audubon, 24 oz, clear hurricane shaped glass hummingbird bird feeder, 4 over large feeding ports & 4 decorative leaf style perches, fully assembled & ready to hang, easy to fill & clean with twist off base.

  • UPC: 174344
  • Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions
  • Model Number: 784

Perky-Pet, 8 Feeding Ports, Blue Antique, Mason Jar Wild Bird Feeder, All Metal Base & Feeding Ports, Easy To Fill & Clean, Circular Perch Invites Birds To Sit & Dine, Glass Seed Container With Embossed Bird Detail, LB Seed Capacity.

  • UPC: 182111
  • Manufacturer: Nature's Way Bird Products
  • Model Number: BWF5

Bamboo, vertical wave bird feeder, removable fresh seed tray & spacing to accommodate both large & small birds, bamboo is naturally insect & squirrel resistant, feeder has water based preservative that maintains natural color longer & hinders mold & mildew growth, all hardware is rust free.

  • UPC: 184425
  • Manufacturer: Droll Yankees
  • Model Number: CC12FM

12", Steel Mesh Tube Bird Feeder, Diamond Shaped Openings, Clever Clean Finch Magnet, Removable Base Feeder, 2.75" Diameter, 2 Port Sunflower/Mixed Bird Feeder With Removable Base, Fully Assembled.

  • UPC: 199961
  • Model Number: 753

3" x 3" x 11.25"h, green wire, nugget bird feeder, plastic coated, makes nugget feeding easy, designed specifically for nuggets, no assembly required, holds over 2 lb of nuggets.

  • UPC: 202072
  • Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions
  • Model Number: 8131-2

Perky Pet, Pink, Starglow Vintage Hummingbird Feeder, Pale Cranberry Colored Glass Bottle, Pop Apart Base, Brushed Nickel Finish On Lid & Hanging Loop, 24 OZ, Nectar Capacity, 4 Feeding Ports, 5.50"L x 5.50"W x 10.25"H.

  • UPC: 203982
  • Manufacturer: Nature's Way Bird Products
  • Model Number: DF1

Decorative lantern bird feeder, squirrel resistant, features twist & clean technology for easy cleaning, includes sunflower ports that are convertible into thistle ports making this feeder 2 in 1 capable for songbirds & finches, includes a solar powered led light to transform from a beautiful feeder during the day to decorative lantern at night.

  • UPC: 214317
  • Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions
  • Model Number: 8130-2

16 oz capacity, red hobnail vintage hummingbird bird feeder, vintage hobnail glass bottle, red with luster finish, wide mouth opening for easy filling & cleaning, 4 flower feeding ports.